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Local timezone is 25h.
You should see the item if all these conditions are met:
  • Your farm experience level must be at least level 27.
  • You did not tap on the item in the last 24 hours.
  • You visit any fishing lake while the item is available.
TIP: You can let this browser memorize your farm via I manage my farm lists then check I have multiple farms for the predicted time.
This feature helps you track when to visit the lake next time for the item. You can also choose to display time in UTC format.
  • Use I manage my farm lists to add your farm to the list after you claim a reward. Your farm is automatically placed in one of the groups below.
  • If you miss your predicted time the next day, visit the lake at the predicted time of any group.
  • Update the list. Only the group being visited by item can be edited.

Upcoming appearance of item

  • Group 1 at 0h for: default list
  • Group 2 at 0h for: default list
  • Group 3 at 0h for: default list
  • Group 4 at 0h for: default list
  • Group 5 at 0h for: default list
Note: eligible now, eligible next
Update farm list or remove all info saved on this browser. You can use farm nickname or farm level or anything else as long as you recognize it later. Data you submit will replace the current list in the section I have multiple farms.
Time tracker for multiple farms
List the farms that claimed reward this time
Only editable while item is available on the lake.
Data you entered is saved on your device only and not transmitted to any server. Use the same device and same browser to check the list.
Disclaimer: the timer is purely speculation based on past observations. Provided as is with no guarantee.

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