Latest NEWS from Hay Day

Hello! Bonjour !

Welcome to this little Spa for Cats. Here you can find a few demonstration of projects I am developing regarding various aspects of Hay Day.

Hope you can find what helps you make informed decision, save time, plan better and have more time to do what you enjoy, such as chilling on your own farm.

The testing will go on for a while, hang in there. In the mean time, you can tell me what you think over here 🐾 (english / français).

What's new:
  • July 2021: new products from June 2021 update added. Fixed Boat Estimator issue (my apologies), should work again.
  • 23 Appil 2021: new products from April 2021 update added to Boat Estimator and Oder Comparator.
  • Mar 2021: new products from December 2020 update added to Boat Estimator, price change updated.
  • Feb 2021: Lake Timer disabled.

Some available tools in its early format:
  • Valley Helper A set of tools to help you track your progress during a Valley season, keep an eye on what kind of token you need, optimize your use of tokens.

  • Boat Estimator An estimation of how many of an item your boat asks for in advance. Just enter your farm level.

  • Derby info List of some derby points needed to unlock horseshoe rewards for small team (up to 5 members). Help you know which horseshoe requires extra task, at which league.

  • Order Comparator A tool to let you compare how much you can get from an item when using/selling it at different places: boat order, truck order, town order, roadside shop. It takes into account town building bonus. More to come: Booster effect.

  • Lake event countdown A time tracker for when lake events (Halloween ghost, Holidays gift boxes and New Year fireworks) arrive on your lake - 2020 edition (en, fr)

What else I am working on:
  • Storage Planner Feature requested, under development. This tool should let you simulate different configuration of your barn/silo to find out the ideal one that works best for you.

  • Multiple language support Because not everyone speaks the same language :D.

  • Valley Helper v2 More features.
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