Information: This is a set of Valley tools to help you track your performance during Valley Season and much more - by meonhoc. Valley Season 9: Blue Print added.
Hi, I am your Valley Helper. You need sunpoints today? Let's see, you perform action(s) for sunpoint(s).
Alright, you can earn sunpoints with batch(es) of + extra = actions.
Action could be: plant 1 field, feed 1 animal, catch 1 fish etc. Batch: total numbers of fields, animals, fishing spots etc.

A. Your current Valley situation

Fill this part to estimate how many tokens you still need to reach your goal (see B).
With day(s) left in the Valley, you have:

Enter token amount separated by space or any of these characters - . , : ; +. For example, type "750 450 600" if you have 750 blue, 450 red and 600 green tokens.
Season performance: earning a total of tokens, averaging tokens per day.

B. Estimation of Token and Fuel

Total of token needed to buy items marked as Wanted from part C, calculated from part A and C.
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |

Need per day* while earning about tokens per road stop:
| | |
| | |
fuel per day* or total of fuel till season end.
* Current day not included. Initially, a Valley Season lasts 21 days.

C. Items from your Valley shop

Constitue your short list, add and remove item as you wish (see part D). Your stats will show in part B.
Want Purchased Item Blue Red Green Comment
Export your list
Copy to clipboard or download as file in CSV, TXT or PDF format. If you are on Safari web browser, COPY option is not supported. Please choose TXT or CSV format, it will open in a separate tab where you can select the text and copy manually.

D. Add missing item to your wishlist

Browse and find items to add to part C.

Enter token amount separated by space or any of these characters - . , : ; +. For example, type "0 450 0" for an item that costs 450 red tokens only.
Comment Blue Red Green Item

Super secret buttons for debug. 🐾 Meow language activated! 🐾
CLEAR: delete all local data and start fresh.
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